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No installation is required. just copy the binaires file into an apropriate folder, then launch the program. at the first run, it will ask you to specify a directory to store the imoph Database. please select a directory in a disk with lot of avalible free space. If you want to download the project sources (multi-plateform), please contact the Author. you can 

Last release version iMorph 3.2 Tessarion

Release version 3.101

The database information (from version 3.1) is now stored into the xml file "iMorphDataBase.xml"

Major improvments concern :

  • exact distance map computations
  • real granulometry values computations instead of integer values
  • extended parameters for cell extraction module
  • graph tortuosity computation
  • new morphological filters : frangi vesselness filters, advanced selection of objects using morphological informations
  • revised graphical interfaces

once the linux version is downloaded assign execute permission to the file

Previous versions

User handbook

This is the beta version of the user handbook. it has been wroten for iMorph2.8.

all documents download section

Image data sets 

This image stack is the demonstartion stack used in the user handbook used to illustrate the software modules

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