iMorph an open Source project for visualisation and morphological analysis of porous materials.

iMorph is a cross platform 3D image analysis software. It permits the morphological characterization of porous media and more precisely cellular materials.

A macroscopical characterization of the different phases allows porosity, tortuosity, and specific surface measurements. The anisotropy is also quantified at the sample scale. At the pore scale, automatic methods for cells extraction gives access to shape analysis, classification and orientation. Moreover it permits a local voxel classification in order to identify local shape such as shell, plates and rods. iMorph gives topological description by generating the graphs of both solid and fluid phase. The human interface is intuitive and can be used by non expert of image processing.

The 3D visualization use OpenGL libraries. iMorph handles XML samples database in order to store results associated to each region of interest selected into the volumic images. 

iMorph Community and discussion forum

the website handle a forum to help registred users to use the software. the website also manage a social network that allows for every user to present his activity or establish connection with people wit commun interest.


jerome Vicente, IUSTI Laboratory, UMR CNRS 72343, Aix Marseille Université


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forum opened
Tuesday, 23 June 2015
The discussion forum is now opened. The forum is a place for discussion about iMorph and for getting technical support. Read More...
IMAGE iMorph 2.903 release
Tuesday, 03 March 2015
the 2.903 release version of iMoph is accessible now in the download section, for both linux and windows 64bits. the previous xml files (essaiShare.xml) is no more compatible. to use this version... Read More...